Art Classes

Come learn how to paint with Sonbok. This 90 minute group art class will help you create a work of art in 90 minutes.  This will be an event you and your friends will never forget and have a work of art to always remember it by.

Participants can either bring their own supplies or pay an additional fee to have supplies provided. The additional $20 including: easel, paints, canvas, paper, and brushes, plates/water/paper towels/pencils etc. 

1. Acrylic painting 90 minutes)

2. 101 Drawing (90m) 

3. Intermediate Drawing (90 m)

4. Advanced Drawing (90 m)

5. Advanced painting (90 m) 

6. Oil painting 101 (90 m) 

7. Oil Painting Intermediate ( 90 m) 

8. Oil painting Advanced (90 m) 

9. 3D art (90 m) 

10. Rice paper Painting (90m)