Set The Tone of Your Bedroom Just Right

Sonbok Passion Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place in your home you should always feel completely at peace.  This is why you must be very careful with the art you select for your bedroom so you can ensure you set the right tone to start and end you day on.  To help you do this right I have created a simple 3 Step plan for you.

Step 1 – Chose a Preferred State of Mind

The first and last feeling you have each day is easily influenced by what we see visually when we open or close our eyes.  By careful selection of the art in your bedroom you can essentially trick your brain into a predetermined emotional state.  This can be a state of creativity, passion, romance, or love and marriage.  The important thing is to focus on only one emotional influence to avoid confusion or blindness to the visual cues from over stimulation.

 Now there is one item of importance to mention here. Tricking our state of mind can only be done when we allow it to be done.  It requires us to be very honest with our self on how something makes us feel (very hard for many men) and then allow it to continue to do that.  If you are closed to letting something you feel, then that’s on you!

Step 1a – Collaboration!

If you are single you can skip this step.  For the rest of you we cannot forget there is another body that sleeps in this room.  Though we may wish they were not first thing in the morning there they are.  We need to make sure we collaborate Step 1 with them so the room can be both of your room.  This is VERY important for couples as a piece of artwork that you see as passionate, may be violent or depressing to your partner.  You want to get a piece that you both are in sync with so it the feeling of the room is mutual as this is a room for coming together.

Step 2 – Picking the Right Size

In the process of picking art for your bedroom size does matter, and all too often I watch my customers misjudge and end up disappointed with the size they get.  

(Yes, I am giggling as I write this!)

 It can be very hard to judge art size when it is not in your home.  The rule of thumb with art is go with a piece that feels a little bigger than what you think you want. When you get it home you will be shocked that it is either just right or still a little smaller than you expected.

 Another trick I like is to use your headboard to determine size.  Measure the width of your headboard then select artwork that is 2/3 to the exact width of your head board.  This way you can give you a much better frame of reference for you main piece.

Step 3 – Go Shopping!

Far and beyond my favorite step of this process, but I am well aware for some of you this is the part you HATE!  Let me put your mind at ease some.

First off there is no reason at all you even need to leave the comfort of your own home anymore. Sites like ours you can look through art, select a piece, choose a print method, and have it shipped to your home ready to hang. Or if you are ready to take your art to the next level with an original piece you can even buy those online as well.  The point is this process can be done right now while you read this in your PJ’s or slacking off at work. ;-)

The point here is that the shopping step needs to be fun if you are to get a piece that can accomplish #1 right.  If you have a significant other living with you MAKE SURE they are involved.  I know this may take a little bribery, I find breakfast and a cute outfit normally does the trick, just make sure you do it together.


In the end remember this is your bedroom.  The single most important room of your home to get set the tone for your day and night.  This is one place you want to get right with the art work.  Take your time and feel free to reach out to our team if we can help in any way.  We love helping people find just that right piece of artwork for their home.


Wishing You Inspiration & Creativity,
Elena Sonbok McMillan