Elena McMillan has dedicated herself to art education since 1994, beginning her academic journey with a BA in Ceramics in Seoul, South Korea. She advanced her education with a Master of Education in Indiana, and in 2022, she further expanded her artistic scope to include painting and drawing while pursuing a Master of Arts at Texas A&M University. Her excellence was recognized with a scholarship to the MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, from which she graduated with her Masters of Fine Art, the highest degree available in Art, followed by an appointment as an art professor at North Greenville University. This role is where she moved from artist to educator and started her expansive career.

Elena's career is distinguished by a variety of roles, including museum art director in San Diego, an illustrator of two published books, and an ongoing position as an art instructor since 2010. Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident as she is currently pursuing a PhD in Leadership Administration at Liberty University. In addition to her academic endeavors, Elena currently teaches at a prestigious private middle school in Knoxville, Tennessee.

She is actively involved in selling her original and contract artwork through her website and is diligent in organizing exhibitions and events both locally and abroad. Elena's dedication to her community is clear from her role as Director of Community Outreach for the Asian Festival and serving as the Korean Association President for two terms.

Committed to self-improvement, Elena is fluent in English and Korean and currently learning Chinese and Spanish. She has also taken on the challenge of studying art therapy to delve into the psychological aspects of the relationship between art and the human mind. She excels in both 2D and 3D art forms, enhancing her students' understanding of the vast spectrum of art and its significance in our world.


Elena Sonbok McMillan


Elena McMillan is an accomplished Art Professor and educational leader with more than 17 years of experience in Art Education. She excels in art education, leadership, and curriculum development and is fluent in both English and Korean. Elena has a proven track record of establishing art programs, spearheading community outreach initiatives, and fostering educational excellence. Her diverse skill set and achievements position her as an ideal candidate to enhance and lead academic communities.


Christian Academy of Knoxville    Middle School Art teacher     Jan 2023 - Present
  • Crafted an innovative Fine Art curriculum incorporating a range of artistic principles and techniques in varied mediums, resulting in a comprehensive and enriched art education experience.
  • Teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, managing 300 middle school art classes focused on painting, drawing, 3D art, graphic design, photography, and ceramics. I also started an art club, organized art competitions, and helped students achieve success in museum competitions.
  • Emphasizing cognitive development through creative expression.
  • Developed an engaging curriculum, delivered impactful instruction to diverse age groups, and strategically marketed courses to significantly increase enrollment.

 AsianFestival  Knoxville, TN Director of Community Outreach  Jan 2023 - Present

  • Community outreach involved engaging local businesses and leaders in Tennessee, bringing them together through the Asian Festival, and raising funds and donations to support this, the largest festival in the southern states. This effort aimed to reach more businesses and people, creating a meaningful cultural festival.

Knoxville Area Korean American association    President. Sep 2017 - Jul 2023

  • Community outreach and education and promote Korean culture, fostering connections between Korean and American communities.
  • Running free medical clinics, and celebrating significant Korean cultural events such as Korean New Year and the June 25th Korean War Veterans’ commemoration.
  • Coordinate a large sports festival in Atlanta, Georgia, with participants from five different states.
  • Supports the Korean-American community in East Tennessee, which comprises approximately 6,000 members

Crown College Powell, TN Professor of Art  Jan 2015 - Jan 2018

  • Teaching Painting, Drawing, 3D classes and art club and mentoring students and counseling Led the strategic development and successful launch of the College's Art Department, directly contributing to a more diversified student body

Creation Museum  San Diego, CA Art Contractor  Jan 2010 - Jan 2011

  • Managed all aspects of content development for the Creation Museum, achieving a 30% increase in visitor numbers within the first year through strategic exhibit curation and innovation

North Greenville University  Professor of Visual Arts Jan 2007 - Jan 2010

  • Teaching, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, and Art Appreciation
  • Committee of Honor students and created Art club 


Kyung-Hee University | Seoul, South Korea   BA, Ceramics, 

Hyles-Anderson College | Crown Point, IN MEU, 

Texas A&M University | Corpus Christi, TX     MA, Painting,

Liberty University | Lynchburg, VA   Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, 

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts | Philadelphia, PA  MFA, Studio Arts, 


Teaching Certification  Certified by: ACSI

Web and Graphic Design Certified by: Art Institute of Pittsburgh


Permanent Art Collection Artist

Corpus Christi Art Museum

Honorable Mention

National Art Show

2011, National Art Show

Visiting Artist Honorable Mention

National Art Show

2009, Summer International Art Show

Fine Arts Winner

Creative Quarterly Journal Of Arts & Design 2007, 3x3 Magazine, Issue 8

Fine Arts Winner

Creative Quarterly Journal Of Arts & Design 2007, 3x3  Magazine, Issue 7

Installation Art Winner

Philadelphia Sculpture Groups

2007, 5 Into 1 Event

Best Of Show

Dimension Juried Show

2005, Charles Field & Richard Scherpereel

Fine Arts Winner

President Council Art Scholarship 2004, Texas A&M University

Fine Arts Winner

Dimension Show

2003, The Art Center Of Corpus Christi, Tx Fine Arts Winner

Members Exhibition

2002, Members Exhibition Corpus Christi, Tx